Home birth Clients give birth at home with a Licensed Midwife in attendance.

Water birth at home Clients are encouraged to use water for labor and/ or birth as they feel comfortable.

Preconception consultation  – Prior to acheiving pregnancy is the best time to optimize health. I would love to discuss with you how to be sure your body is prepared to grow a healthy baby. 

Prenatal care Clients are seen throughout their pregnancy for education regarding a healthy pregnancy and to monitor the health of mom and baby.

Postpartum care Clients receive visits in their home for 2-3 days after their birth and also 6 weeks after their birth.

Newborn care Babies are examined thoroughly after the birth and at each home visit.

Breastfeeding help  Clients are assured the best start to the breastfeeding relationship and are offered help indefinitely after the birth.

Free consultation - I look forward to meeting you in person to discover if we are a good fit!