We just had our third baby under the care of Christina. through the entire pregnancy she was extremely available for questions I had or there for reassurance if I was nervous about something in particular. She was flexible in rescheduling appointments if needed or adjusting times. Towards the end of the pregnancy we had a false alarm and she drove the 30 min to our home and stayed for several hours until we were sure labor wasn't progressing - that meant a lot! When the day did arrive, she allowed our family space for labor to progress organically and when she did come to 
our home she was a calm and grounding presence.
Homebirth - Clients give birth at home with a Licensed Midwife in attendance.

Water birth at home – Clients are encouraged to use water for labor and/ or birth as they feel comfortable.

Preconception consultation  – Prior to achieving pregnancy is the best time to optimize health. I would love to discuss with you how to be sure your body is prepared to grow a healthy baby. 

Prenatal care – Clients are seen throughout their pregnancy for education regarding a healthy pregnancy and to monitor the health of mom and baby.

Postpartum care – Clients receive visits in their home for 2-3 days after their birth and also 6 weeks after their birth.

Newborn care – Babies are examined thoroughly after the birth and at each home visit.

Breastfeeding help – Clients are assured the best start to the breastfeeding relationship and are offered help indefinitely after the birth.

Free consultation - I look forward to meeting you in person to discover if we are a good fit!