You are exactly the midwife I needed. Your presence while I was in labor was perfectly reassuring, safe, encouraging, and at the same not at all distracting. Your presence gave me space, but space where the Holy Spirit was welcomed. And when I was birthing (my daughter), I felt so much confidence and peace knowing you were right there to catch her and keep us both safe. You carry and extremely unique sense of POWER and PEACE at the same time. It must be the presence of God in you. Thank you so much for the work you did for me and my family.

Philosophy of care

  • Women were created by God with the ability to give birth naturally.
  • Birth is a natural and normal life process.
  • Most women can give birth without the assistance of a healthcare professional.
  • Interference with the natural process of birth should be as minimal as possible.
  • Only medically complicated pregnancies and labors should be managed medically. 
  • Interfering with a normal pregnancy and labor may create complications and lead to more interventions. 
  • A woman should have the option to give birth where she feels most comfortable.
  • Women can learn to cope with the pain of labor, since it is part of a healthy feedback system in the body.
  • A woman should be able to include her family in her pregnancy and birth to the extent that she feels comfortable.
  • The presence of a midwife at a birth allows many women to feel safe, and consequently, to have a smoother birth.
  • The purpose of a midwife is to minimize risk of complications through the use of preventative (education, lifestyle choices) and corrective action.
  • The midwife uses education, assessment, and emotional, physical, and spiritual support to assist her clients through the passage of pregnancy and birth.
  • The midwife incorporates informed consent and shared decision making throughout  a woman's pregnancy and birth.